Located in The Hamptons on Long Island in NY, Jeanelle Myers is a gardener in the true defininition of a gardener: designing, installing and maintaining flower and vegetable gardens. Every visual aspect of the garden is considered from Jeanelle’s perspective as an artist. She uses a large palette of plants to make gardens specific to the landscape and the tastes of her clients.

The best gardens are well maintained. Plants and soil are nurtured for optimum health and tended for maximum beauty. A beautiful flower garden satisfies all of the senses; a vegetable garden does the same and also provides food. What could be better!!

Jeanelle considers the garden as a whole: the soil, the plants, the birds and the insects, therefore using no chemicals or animal products.

In addition to flower and vegetable gardens, the following are available: lotus gardens, bamboo gardens and bamboo maintanance, shrubs, small trees, rose and vine pruning, greenhouse tending, building and maintaining chicken flocks, bamboo trellis and outdoor-room construction.


Many know Jeanelle from her weekly column - A View from the Garden - featured in Dan’s Papers.

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